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single page website linksSince

is the single page why said link, the original and the chain guide in different locations within the page and jump. Do the high quality of the chain guide spiders crawl over. Do the page back to the top of the page, the tail button, the user experience (three steps to create a complete website user experience) is very important.

has a website, do not have too much content do not update, but can revenue 7 digits, this marketing estimate is every webmaster dream. Since the single page website frequently used in profits products, such as weight loss, network service, due to its lightweight pages without loading too much content, by the majority of owners welcome, many more users to use single page website to create a successful case of the sale of products sold. Today I will take you into the single page website to see the world, how to optimize the single page website for Shanghai dragon angle.

single page website title

single page website due to limited space, destined for the text to display is selected, and the characteristics of their own products also melt into the other content structure distribution should be reasonable, to put their own marketing strategy is also a good layout.

four, the overall design of

single page page

five, the overall structure of

for only one page of the single page website, use "label on optimization has played a significant role, such as important paragraph text headings with H1 page keywords want to highlight to add strong in the station layout label. Here is a hint is appropriate for good, should not be too much, otherwise the good ranking is not your.

single page site is only one page, the overall structure of the need to give users concise nature, theme clear feeling, because the attributes of a single page, the page design requirements than other sites even a level, because there are a large number of websites that ordinary content support, good service users, single page website can only rely on a page to work hard, it is not easy.

, planning

two, the reasonable layout of the label

single page website

single page website with no columns do not have the article page, only one page, so you can optimize the place is not much, but also particularly vulnerable to excessive optimization, but we just can only use their home page to grab the ranking, then let’s talk about.

three, the prominent product display the content of

single page website itself not content, even if the two words are better not pick out, put in the text on the title also is not attractive enough, it can be said that the site of the title set is very failure. A good name is half, if be able to pick up a few outstanding keywords layout, can bring a large number of the click website.

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