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if only consider grasping problem, does not have to completely abandon the second-hand housing rental section, although the current situation of the user experience of the website is not friendly, but it is also a link to the recommendation, but does not recommend to the main plate, can be put into the right adjust or not so important place as a link entrance the following simple website, only talk about the goal of adjusting and adjust the idea for writing some of the points can be in accordance with the scheme of Sun Jian mentioned inside operation:

2, specific adjustment >

1 to determine the adjustment goal: in front of Sun Jian, Yang Ying and Chen Hongran mentioned a more important goal is to improve the user experience, this is certainly a direction, but quite broad, here you talked about the grasp, then adjust the target may be included to improve quality, and enhance the long tail flow and user experience:

first, to look at the specific content of the problem:

. Loupan. COM, we are here to make the adjustment and adjustment plan to write a station, how to write it. This site is currently the structure is a problem, may be the first second-hand housing rental basic page to give up, including the new home page has 2, from the view of the spider crawling repetition rate is relatively high, some important pagecrawling high proportion, which are adjusted to control the import export weight ", and increase the spider the crawling depth and breadth, let those who need to" increase the proportion of imported and ranking the spider crawling rate and so on, write the adjustment scheme of how specific? Hope you prawns guidance.

in Search ask community to see a large web site on how to write the plan for adjusting the structure of the problem, although he did not what large site work experience, but also to talk about their own views. Personal feeling when large sites and small sites in the site structure adjustment is the same for the control of Shanghai dragon, but the difference is small website we Shanghai Longfeng workers can hand control, how to change how to change, but most are not considered mature and after the fruit is "pre emptive", and then slowly check the left trap, a large site in Shanghai dragon is in a rather awkward position in the company, PM, RD, FD, UI, BI and OP are not the same thing as we are, we are always complaining about the Shanghai dragon "has a restless heart" often put forward some some "boring the requirements, some departments even in Shanghai Longfeng demand dragged on, for the implementation of the Shanghai Dragon good scheme has brought great obstruction. Of course, this is a large website work experience of friends have found a good solution: to improve data communication, talk, let each department to understand the benefits and effects of site changes. But I think the real estate network Shanghai Longfeng supervisor Kuo proposed to write adjustment scheme is to and each part of leadership and communicate effectively, according to the best answer about some friends this problem and in some of his views on large sites of structural adjustment.

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