a skincare mall or wedding site to A5, Shanghai dragon why these stationmaster, Shanghai Longfeng class high weight platform outside the chain does not give any increase to our website >

Chinese will do a lot of homework in the purchase of Car Buying before, text descriptive content we can provide, but thought to each property of a certain set of second-hand housing to record a video but not every real estate website can provide to. Video posted to the Youku network not only can increase the chain, but also can bring the precise user, absolutely can not only increase to the chain and can bring flow.

in Sina, Tencent micro-blog content is basically not to give us to what the outside of the chain, but micro-blog is a method of marketing. Can we target captive. An enterprise registered micro-blog account, a lot of attention to the local users of micro-blog. Especially those of marriageable age 80, graduate, senior people. They are the purchase, rental force them in captivity, we have published listings will get their browsing, consultation, forwarding.

video chain


blog absolutely can give us a website traffic, the long tail words, skillfully love Shanghai relevant search words in the title of the article and to edit text, to ensure that our articles can be included in the love of Shanghai. Each article do not necessarily have to take the link, because users of the residential houses are interested in information, he will find on this area of the information on the Internet a lot. We edit the article was collected, naturally can put the user guide to the website. This user is the precise user guide on the site do not have to worry about increasing your bounce rate, long visit, the bounce rate is lower than the outer chain construction of you in the forum.

chain this piece of work is one of the problems many webmaster and cry for Shanghai dragon Er, the vast majority of website optimization in the tangled chain do not know how, where and how the chain is good outside chain etc.. We all know that the chain is outside the chain of high quality and general chain, Links, soft, love Shanghai products and so on are insiders as the high quality of the chain, and BBS signature, blog post top stick, chain operation is regarded as a general chain. But the chain was also a period of time the Zhuhai second-hand housing net that can give us a website traffic and even the chain conversion rate is the high quality of the chain. Everything is not to bring the chain flow or conversion rate are likely to be in the AD or in the personal charm. So the chain how to bring traffic to our web site? The real estate website as an example to analyze.



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