this is seen in the background of this article is as follows: release time,

from Shanghai Jianzhan skills included love



after further analysis I, like "why Dongdong studio" the total of articles but 100 station, also can have such a fast speed included? Dongdong summarized as follows: first, the original: believe all about how to do a website, people would say, the content is very important, more important is to original content. Although my website content is not much, but the contents of all the original release out. Two, adhere to the update: the website is piled up by the content, you can not only original content, but the long-term not update, so that the search engine will slowly forget you stand there, which is why our website, long time stand reasons have not updated. Three, website program: now many are too concerned about how to push the factory, how to do the optimization, forget a part of the program is also an indispensable site optimization, a good website program, will let you push factory later I have been observed twice, I recently, some time ago I often travel, busy, have no time to update the site every day, but I do love Shanghai snapshot, my homepage will still be updated every day. Why is this? I didn’t update the content, and has continued to update the page snapshot. This is definitely the website code to do some optimization in this regard, here we recommend, if personal blog sites like it, it is recommended you use WordPress, not only stable program optimization has done a good job, but also very rich plugin. This point of view from the East studio www.doodto贵族宝贝>

included the speed a bit for me is really overwhelmed by an unexpected favour station, used to see some tips about Shanghai Longfeng seconds recorded, I always feel not very credible; today I found that I had this station close to the speed of the second book, let me believe more importance for a web site.

this is the current time, as shown below:

recently found my a station, the faster in Shanghai included faster and a few days ago, released an article about one hour by the love Shanghai included, this rate for me this wretch, is quite good, but also the most close to my home page snapshot is every day to refresh, this also let was to love Shanghai has lost confidence back a bit. This morning as usual on the website was updated, released this paper set of keywords, it is customary to love Shanghai inquires about the collection, unexpectedly found the magic I have just released the article has been love Shanghai included, said no comment, photo card, as shown below:

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