Shanghai dragon siege tactics, the purpose is to enhance their website brand coverage, to achieve the purpose of profit and brand promotion.

Leveraging the !

site of Shanghai Longfeng early, in addition to our brand word, basically no keywords ranking. But the use of Shanghai dragon siege tactics, to ensure that the user to enter our website through other keywords, so you can get no traffic rankings before the main keywords. Because from the siege tactics to the user is looking at our promotion information users, is the most accurate user.

2, do the long tail demand, create brand effect

imagine, every time a keyword exposure, can jump out of our brand word, this.

so today, just like Shanghai Longfeng for everyone to share, Shanghai dragon how to carry out the next step in the promotion after set up website, which is today’s topic: Shanghai dragon siege tactics.

as lower case, search environment detection which is better? The word is very difficult to make up for the website, but we know we can love with Shanghai, the home page, and then in Shanghai know our website publicity, to obtain accurate flow.

enterprise Shanghai dragon, is not as long as the master key to do the first, Shanghai Longfeng personnel even completed the task? It’s not, and especially for the enterprise web site, but should not be so.

1, third party review, obtain the accurate flow

1, for enterprise stand for, our Lord keywords, may every day only a few hundred flow, and this flow will be hundreds of love Shanghai auction, as well as competitors to carve up the real, here are few. So, the subject on the front page to bring traffic is not enough.



What are the

so, how can we do to encircle Shanghai dragon tactical coverage.



just like Shanghai dragon to say


high weight Forum (horizon, watercress and some local forum)

How to:

we do website, will accumulate a lot of industry keywords, but we are not possible through a web site to these keywords do on the home page, so we must leveraging third party platform to do these keywords.


3, small and medium-sized enterprises rely on their own website is difficult to have a brand on the internet.

2, some people may say, also can do the long tail word flow. However, you are a business station, to do the long tail word up, at least 2 months, so that enterprises should bear a great time cost is not

love the sea Department (love Shanghai library, love Shanghai know, love Shanghai Post Bar)

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