four. Poor user experience.

has encountered a problem and needs to be solved naturally. Firstly, how analyzes website problems:


site analysis. The site of a domain name, it is not www domain name analysis.

the above problems, but previously encountered only analysis with WWW domain name of the site, a car supplies website, his domain name registration is a problem, can only successfully resolve one, at that time did not understand how a situation, but the optimization effect is good, three words on the front page of the product. Two in the first three. So the first point of estimation is not just for the 301 aspects behind the redirection will cause bad influence.

first, write high quality soft, save one of the most important points of the site, the site must have quality content. As for how the web content is high quality, let the search engine to tell you.

just online website early spam links too much, and all point to the home page.

third points, let the content of the website is more concentrated, the chain is more precise. The so-called focus is highly concentrated, website content relevance. The so-called chain precision, refers to the chain anchor text keywords precision of high quality.

at the end of August, get the hand company website, machinery industry, home is down the right, site is not the first home page, the home page without any ranking (even the company name to search), said the company leaders are in a hurry, but also very anxious, but no way, right down the website is not a short duration of time. The site is down right, negative effects accumulated to a certain extent will appear, and after right can not be restored, how much time to recover, to what extent can be restored, is not a fixed number. After all, we do Shanghai Longfeng, are dependent on the search engine platform, working in the people on the platform, to see people face.

When the

three. The problem of pseudo static and site structure. Site after the pseudo static generation of pseudo static page and home page is not a page, were included in the fall in love with the sea. Site navigation is to generate pseudo static page rather than the domain name of the website home page.

secondly, do some high quality of the spider chain, let a website to "active", with the update site, let the spider know that this site has begun to glow the new weather.

so now is how to save the

fourth, the chain company employees to stop spam B2B platform, and publish information on the B2B platform.

But since

two site redirection. The website did not do 301 redirection.


third points and fifth points may be the site is down right main reason, especially in fifth, when strict combat crime against the wind garbage chain in Shanghai love, as can be imagined this adverse effect how deep.


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