is not everyone will encounter

In the long run ?

sometimes, after some new line began to use a lot of cheating in the way the rankings, such as direct purchase of high quality of the chain, the results instantly achieved very good keywords ranking. Other search engines to find website cheating, start against the website, these websites have to get results, and then re in the establishment of a new web site, in the re take the speculative strategy to obtain some keywords ranking industry profits. In order to purify the search engine keyword ranking system, to combat such speculation, the new station on the line to take a conservative attitude, to observe a period of time, if the new performance is really very good, to give corresponding treatment.

sandbox effect?

this question, even if you do everything, can not completely avoid the sandbox one hundred percent. Can only say good details can effectively reduce in the sandbox. Try to do the following:

1, a new station on the line to avoid collecting large amounts of content, the use of a large number of other web content.

sandbox, a lot of quality content, website links, soon can obtain very good keywords ranking, but love Shanghai for the new website attitude is ambiguous, love does not love to Shanghai new site too high status, old honest good website for 3 months to be the most efficient to achieve good rankings in the fall in love with the sea.

which have not wet shoes, Shanghai dragon website optimization, where long may not meet the sandbox effect, Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun today to what is the sandbox effect, how to avoid to talk about how to do the sandbox effect and meet the sandbox effect of ideas and opinions on the problems.


in the railway station just on the line a few months inner nobility baby is difficult to have good rankings, even no ranking, some more thoroughly, no snapshot, not included, what did not. In this case we call: Sandbox- sandbox. Love in Shanghai also have a box effect, but we normally call for love in Shanghai period, is also a very long time love Shanghai not how to give you a snapshot, not included in the website page, don’t give in.

what is the sandbox effect

In fact, some sites did not meet the Google

the answer is no, not everyone will encounter the sandbox, sometimes a new web site, even if you have done a very good Shanghai Longfeng optimization, a lot of original content, high correlation with the new, high quality external links, website URL to search engine friendly website, the structure is very good, friendly user experience. But in just online website within a few months, Google is not good ranking. If this situation is encountered, it is not because the site itself, can only say that bad luck, hit the Google sandbox no way.

There is no standard answer sandbox effect?

how to avoid the sandbox effect

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