to open the mini blog as an example, the key words of "Yichang Shanghai dragon" from May 22nd to June 20th, less than a month’s time a total of 9 times to adjust the keywords ranking, "Yichang network promotion" from May 22nd to June 20th, less than 1 months adjusted 21 times. Thus, keywords love Shanghai more sensitive to the ranking.

between 5.20 to 6.20, a total of 3 on-line sites, there are several friends website online, according to the observation, most of the sites included.

keyword ranking more frequently

2, efforts to increase the content of assessment.

3, adjust the

The The

contains a large number of JS code, the FLASH website, there are too many pop websites, participate in advertising alliance website, Links too many sites, given a certain degree right down, this will inevitably lead to the decline in the profitability of some websites. The most obvious is the video website and pictures website, because this kind of website profit pattern mostly rely on pop and advertising, and search ranking decline will directly lead to the decline in revenue of this kind of website. At the same time to repeat the page too much, drop right high similarity between web site, many sites are for this reason and be right down, in the open the mini website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic report has many examples.

4, new study period for

we tried to search a variety of keywords and observe the search results, found a common love, that is Shanghai’s own products is more obvious in love in Shanghai ranking. Whether you are searching for "Shanghai dragon", or "2011 love Shanghai search algorithm adjustment", or "relay", or "Hainan tourism", "Shanghai Moving Company", we all love Shanghai found their product figure, mainly include: love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Shanghai encyclopedia, know, love Shanghai Post Bar. Love love Shanghai Shanghai news, pictures, love map of Shanghai, Shanghai Shanghai love experience, love love love space, Shanghai library, Shanghai share, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Shanghai dictionary, open platform, covering most of the products in the sea, we have reason to believe that in the near future, Shanghai will love video not hesitate to occupy the best position of video, pictures and video marketing marketing will occupy the position can not be ignored in the future of network marketing, so we do Shanghai dragon must make good use of these products to Shanghai’s love. Let them become our Shanghai dragon power, rather than resistance.

1, love Shanghai greatly enhance their product weight.

as far 5.20 adjustment of surprising sense of love, you might think that Shanghai adjustment algorithm has become the past, but according to the study on the search engine and open the mini ranking on the site, found love Shanghai algorithm appeared significant adjustment. These adjustments will do to us Shanghai dragon friends have a profound impact. Camini summed up some experience the following.

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