2. high weight website

when the word mining, you need to do analysis, screening and treatment, is determined in the end keyword optimization.


users will go to Shanghai in search of love brand name Related words about the company, then we can use the Shanghai dragon to help enterprises to carry out public relations crisis. The company has not yet not black before the first word of their brand and related keywords are optimized to love Shanghai home. The first pit for good, let others no pit can be accounted for.

the above work is completed, the next will be based on the keywords you dig to write content. If the company does not have a copy, you don’t write? The fastest way is to imitate, see your competitors is how to write, to their advantage to your advantage, put the key into the content of nature.

technology to do the Shanghai dragon search engine crisis? The simple point that is to do brand words and keywords coverage.

today is from Shanghai dragon angle to talk about how to do search engine crisis prevention measures. Now we want to return if you have had this scene, one day you learn about a company, open love Shanghai search: "XXX", "XXX", how "XXX is not a liar" and so on. The user wants to understand a company, usually through the search engine search company brand word.

1. company website

website is more flexible, can use the website or station (there can use) Title keywords layout, weight is relatively high, ranking is relatively easy. If the company has its own inquiry platform will do better, by discussing the way to do it, to ask some weight on the OK page guide, many mutual golden platform is to do so.

After The

written, the next step is to do rankings. So how to choose to do website

Shanghai dragon knows, the higher the weight as row >

to do business and life, whether you do good, then cattle, some people do not recognize you, you think of a way to black. It is very difficult to avoid, the best solution is before things did not happen, to do preventive measures. As far as possible to curb the problems, do not give you any black people have an opportunity to.

when the company is not known, may not dig the word or words rarely. How to do? Is actually very simple, each industry should have several well-known enterprises, with their brand word to dig, and then replace your brand name.

How to use

is the first to have two kinds of mining, I used the method, one is to each big search Q & a platform company brand, the user’s question are collected out; two is used to dig word tools, with the brand word as root to dig, watching the user in search of what words.

Since we know that

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