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said soft chain is of high quality, not only because of a good article can be widely reproduced, more important is you reprint this article website is often great and you soft content correlation. It will get a lot of the correlation between the external links, the premise is that the web site without removing your soft copyright case.

website optimization, not only the need to update the high quality of the original article, need Everfount external links. Get the chain like looking for Links, the principle of relevance must pay attention to the chain, this time with the release of soft writing must be fully deserve the nirvana.


to briefly introduce the role of external links, the more chain can enhance the credibility, weight etc.. There is a chain we do is to make a search engine to enter your site entrance, and about the "entrance", if the correlation is poor, will make the search engine nausea? One example, your site is doing the beauty industry, and you wrote a kind of soft machine released in the machinery industry on many sites, although it will get a lot of the chain, but when the search engine through these on the mechanical industry website entrance into your site, find your site is about beauty, it would not be doing cheating? So, here to say, soft, to be written write correlation.

back to the title "Nirvana", why to say the word nirvana. Because today is at work when suddenly think of childhood play an arcade game KOF series, where each character has a critical moment of Nirvana, easily winning others. It is very easy to think of the web site keywords ranking up, when we are away from their goal one step cannot catch, recommend the use of "soft writing" to get the attention of the search engine.

on the soft outside the chain, in fact, there is a very important factor, that is to let others to help themselves, and then reach a their desired effect. Compared to this forum and blog quiz and promotion and so on, the superiority is very.

now we do Links, PR is not so important, the most important is the others with their own website is not associated with, and love Shanghai included normal etc.. The correlation between the factors, is the first to consider. We know that external links can be divided into two "Links" and "external links" one-way, so both need to have correlation.

released the chain, is to have things to do every day. The general way to get the chain only through blogs, forums, information classification, inquiry platform and soft writing and so on the way. Although there are many ways, but the chain should follow the principle of relevance, the author is recommended to obtain the high quality of the chain by the way of writing soft.

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