launched Sogou WeChat search, friends will notice that WeChat search provides only two items, the number and the public. On the two of the users for having heard it many times, has been flattering. After all, WeChat search is too single, function is not perfect, can provide users with the information is too little, or not let users find everything fresh and new bright spots, content is the lack of new ideas. In this case, many users are reluctant to use Sogou WeChat search function. It is now a user will experience time, your search and other products to the same category no novelty, so the user what choice you? Even though search not to do it, but its advocacy of social search culture or let you shine at the moment, perhaps WeChat really need to test.

function is single, lack of new ideas.

today, in the Internet field, speaking of search engines, 100 people, at least 80 people will blurt out: love Shanghai. The rest, is nothing more than Google, sogou. No doubt, love Shanghai search engine especially leader in today’s China, its powerful, perfect information, content comprehensive, leading in the search platform. WeChat search is a big mistake, and such a mature operation, powerful rivals compete. There is a problem, find Baidu, these six words have been popular, users will naturally open the love of Shanghai in time of need, he provides news, web pages, Post Bar, Wikipedia entry information, it can basically meet the needs of users. In the field of Internet search engine operation to improve the cold, when Sogou WeChat search, almost no one, or very few people will pay attention to him, using it. It can be said that WeChat search Sogou offers content, love Shanghai can provide. WeChat search in the competition with a strong opponent, the results as can be imagined. Although the quality of resources before WeChat its main content from the large public propaganda, but think carefully this is just a gimmick, because any a high quality content to be more widely publicized, so multi platform push is granted, so WeChat claimed exclusive supply but is ideal.

is a parody of the era, especially in the Internet field, it is not calm, you do a search, I also introduce the search function to compete each other. However, Internet users do not seem to buy it, their intention obviously: who’s powerful, who is rich in content, easier to operate, who I used to. In this battle, WeChat search seems to be defeated. From the launch to now will be for some time, but WeChat search easy to drop a letter like the dilemma nobody use, even WeChat internal No one shows any interest in, not respected the search function. In fact, think back resource tree should use WeChat search hotspot a turnaround, but the reality is often more beautiful than imagined, skinny, and no desire to help WeChat achieve its own search and dream, its weakness is to let WeChat search the day after every step was hard.

The It looks like

similar content, fierce competition.

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