6, monthly statistics on the distribution of the long tail keywords query, to see if there are effects, which have effect to achieve the desired flow;

Optimization of

2, the organization of training team

– 3 months are a process of maintaining the stability of the site of the industry. If prior to the stable weight, later released the long tail key is easy to test, and later a lot of work is mining long tail words of the whole industry.

for the industry website should be talking about what content and ideas, Zhengzhou Zhixin Internet combined with previous experience is summarized, before this kind of summary, but rarely targeted, process and control is used to summarize a series of language of the whole team to perform. Here are some ideas and process simple, specific or to see more people to perform further refinement.

4, the content of the main advance; but to ensure the integrity of information in time, increasing the weight of the website;

) The

8, all personnel in the maintenance time, all need to remember that the main keywords cannot be separated from the industry keywords and website, for example (the main competitive vocabulary of this kind of mobile phone

5, mining more related long tail keywords, weekly mining, weekly distribution;

, 3 team division

content is pre constructionOptimization of

also want to have a greater breakthrough, we need to do the plate industry relevance and creativity, it is our common topic.

plate is mainly aimed at the search engine and user search to do; creativity is in user experience and page effect, as well as some promotion methods. "

after these work well, like we say the promotion methods other weekdays, way more, this is no longer available online to duplicate, summed up a lot, just need to remind, not to say that the way is good, no effect that way, just a different site, different ways, and sometimes a little time the situation may be, each one according to his lights, the most important is a good method to see how to operate and cooperate with the.

7, do long tail keywords at the same time, stable weight, began to channel off by different teams to batch optimization and promotion, this stage mainly do the keywords and keywords column industry;

industry, or by the construction of the content and the internal optimization of long tail keywords to, this, to help a friend before being promoted to a web site www.9928.tv is true, not me in here just said, is to prepare for the case, the long tail keywords, can see from the upload thumbnail, some similar long tail keywords mining day will probably have about 10000 of the traffic.

The main website in the


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