repeat size


"self weight


in the name of the first row is the site of self weight, because the weights of the website height determines the SE attention to you "level, the higher the degree of attention, the total time of the spider crawling more long, the depth will be more deep, so you also included will be faster, for some weight is not particularly high the site, even if the original article, also need some time to record, which is decided by the frequency and the spider crawling website. It is the most important element.

internal link structure Effect of "

internal link structure is also very important, want to improve the large sites included, in addition to enhance its own weight, another key is to do a good job of internal links, internal links as a way to help spider crawling. If the number of pages you are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of millions, so that the internal links play the effect is very obvious. For some sites, and not spiders don’t want to but not included, links to these pages, the spider cannot crawl, so it will be included, we find the problem must be tied to the root, which has not only increase website weight can solve things, but the structural problems.

second is a "repeat size, if one on the Internet has a large repeat, then the search engine will not give included. Some websites also included can quickly, but over a period of time to query, disappeared from the SE search results, especially for B2C, general products, pictures, text, so the accumulation of weight is relatively more difficult. If the content is repeated in a high degree, there will be resistance included.

not included with the stability and your own website also has a relationship, if your site is often not open, the SE will suspend because included, even if included, when the user wants to view the content of the website, you can not provide, then the SE is bad things. Even if you are the original content, users love the content, and SE for your website trust level is limited, so it will be fast and stable included rankings, unless your site to maintain long-term stability.

if there are external links

for general website, included is not a problem, especially for small sites, included are very good, because the page itself is not too much, the page structure is relatively simple, but for large sites, such as B2C, it has some problems, some pages or even a year are not included, so in the end what are the factors that cause? According to a little of their own experience and we summarize, we hope to have inspired.

the last point is the external links for sites, external links is others of their investment.

"The overall stability of

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