website ranking and traffic improvement and stabilization, cannot be said to be accomplished. Shanghai is not the result of the process of a dragon. There are some sites no longer continue to do Shanghai Longfeng, ranking can be stable for a long time, and some websites are falling behind, optimization is likely to result in ranking and flow down slowly.

The cause of the decline of

in many aspects, first, the search engine algorithm to improve the

some degree of concern is up

algorithm changes nobility baby every year, a daily average of more than once. Love Shanghai almost every week change. Before the effect of Shanghai Dragon technology, now may no longer be valid. Before we did not pay attention to, the search engine may quietly increase the algorithm of weight. For example, four or five years ago, the number of the most important external links, then slowly transformed into the quality to win, then the anchor text is more and more important, the recent anchor text weight seems to have declined. The optimization of the page, the same words, H1 before the weight is higher, nearly two years of decline, the picture text weight increased ALT. These small changes can cause website ranking, flow fluctuation. Shanghai Longfeng personnel must be accumulated for a long time, attention to the search engine algorithm change, when necessary to make improvements to the website.

online Shanghai Longfeng personnel cannot control, only from the perspective of their website, continue to become bigger and stronger, to an invincible position.

search for "the number of the word Shanghai dragon" in recent years has been steadily rising. The same web site associated with "web design" like the word, is not improved, and even falling in. Shanghai Longfeng personnel must focus on the user habits and change the focus of the society, thinking about whether the site need to add new content, new social hot catch.

a few years ago search users have no experience, love search short words, now most people know that search long words or even sentences can get more accurate results, the average search length is consistent in the steady growth in the word.

any commercial value of the area will have a number of competitors. Your site in front of the top stop optimization, competitors are not idle. They are on your website, modify, increase external links. Go, Shanghai Longfeng personnel must always pay attention to competitors, stay ahead.

The change of

every day a new website, also have the site closed, or even completely disappear. Before the external links are likely because other sites disappear, or the page is pushed to the inside pages of the deeper, that is no longer included or weighted down.

There are hundreds of small

secondly, competitors are also constantly improving


original article, please.

the Internet is changing all the time

user search habits often change over time

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