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with the link text links in the search engine algorithm is also very important in the. Help to improve the page ranking. Now I just exchange by selecting the appropriate pages of a chain, in this piece of work.

could you webmaster will find a new domain name in the rankings will be more difficult than the old domain name to, this is because of the friendly search engine for website age is relatively high, so the webmaster, one thing we must do is wait for the old, "".

5. domain age

4. external link anchor file

( Railcom fax copy editing Beckham pass) editor wrote, starting A5, please keep the link

, of course, many factors affect the ranking, I also hope that the future can be more detailed to describe them, and we also hope to further share and exchange.

The reason is very simple

3. external links (quantity and quality)

in the search engine algorithm, the HTML page title can immediately affect the web site in the search engine results, its importance is always is the most important.

, thank you! In this paper, by

for the website optimization, improve the Shanghai Dragon technology, always every webmaster for, as a newcomer, I in line with the spirit of continuous learning, to now glimpse one or two sentiment summary, for everyone to share. Because the influence of the search results, is also very complex. I just set out a few simplified I think the most important part:

easy, but many owners may easily ignore it. Indeed, there may be some page instances and without the use of keywords but made a good ranking, but do not have luck. Some suggestions of Shanghai dragon 250~1000 literals on each page, and keyword code from 5%~10%. But I think, as long as the high quality copy does not affect the meaning of the situation, as far as possible to insert the key word.


external links is so important, because they pointed out that the degree of quality, welcome page. Most of the rankings are those links from the home page link. If you increase the quantity and quality of the external links, is every webmaster should go to the. I think the publication of the text on the A5, is a very good method.

2. page text content

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