until I discovered a period of time, Shanghai dragon is not so simple. For example, Taobao guest website, a Taobao IP only ten to twenty guest website every day can give the webmaster brought hundreds of income, and I was the site every day IP can have one hundred to two hundred but no turnover, these shows Shanghai dragon effect and no imagination of so divine. A mature website used in the marketing strategy and design, key page details etc.. These benefits are brought to the site than the Shanghai dragon role, people can not help but be struck dumb. The author after pondering and thinking constantly, to share some ideas of the methods of Longfeng Shanghai:

with excitement I found a network marketing training institutions, the high tuition really makes me scared. I finally decided to give up the university life, with the network marketing training fees. During the training of Shanghai Dragon Charm I Chafanbusi, Shanghai dragon theory study day and night, the crowd in the training, I was only now rise above the common herd, only know that the so-called best is to rise above the common herd Forum irrigation and HTML basic knowledge. A brief training thought a transient, as long as the site of Shanghai dragon can get a lot of traffic, have a winning mentality, I used the HTML knowledge and that the spirit of research for WordPress template knowledge to do a website. From the day of the chain, promote hair stick. Finally, hard work pays off, the site every day Ip is about one hundred, also have a certain keyword ranking. But the volume was very poor, do not say money is the domain name space are unable to pay the cost of at least. At this time, I began to reflect on the Shanghai dragon really so mysterious? Shanghai Longfeng role really have so much. May Shanghai dragon in addition to my web traffic other than what are give. Seeing the tuition has become a problem of the There is not much left., dinner key. Last but had to work.

everyone has a sad history, along the way, is to look back at every step of oneself. Maybe look at the past, we will understand a lot of.

"with a beating heart, like a dead-alive person like I decide on what path to follow." This sentence is enough to reflect my college life. The university life so that I can not stand by themselves, but not seek change. Until a chance to understand the mystery of Shanghai dragon, so I can not help but heart.

, at first the ignorance of the deification of Shanghai dragon

3, the biggest deal is the key, page, other page marketing plan.

1, abandon Shanghai dragon theory.

two, Shanghai dragon thinking is the real Shanghai dragon

4, proficient in DIV+css>

2, taking most of the time to understand the user, the user needs the heart.

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