, first select objects: to link bait is a link, can give site links not ordinary users, but the webmaster, blogger and active member. So the first thing to consider is the webmaster needs rather than ordinary users needs. Want to know this kind of people are more interested in what the right direction, effort, or effort.

Seventh, the length of

advertising link bait is for the construction of the external links, we can be understood as a kind of advertising, but never with a lot of ads in them. No matter how good the content if with a lot of ads in which also can let a person produce reverse psychology. The content should be practical, interesting and creative principle.

site external optimization process is very important for external links, link bait is a chain of the commonly used method. There are a variety of linkbait practical application, it is difficult to have a unified standard for a variety of situations, but overall, creativity is a very important factor. This paper from seven aspects to share the production link bait, want to give everyone a little help.

third, pay attention to the title: now Internet information emerge in an endless stream, so no matter how good the content also needs to have a good title to embellish, especially the resource link bait, good title is half of success. For example, often use "50 common", "10 best" and so on are good title. Because many webmaster know such things have practical value, so willing to reprint.

Fourth, note:

sixth, page design: open a web page, the user is not the first to see the contents of his, but his layout. A distinct, typesetting neat, color collocation can make the right page webmaster have pleasure and trust, it is easier to attract its share. In addition, in the content with pictures, video, etc. are more likely to let the webmaster to share list.

contains the link bait is not too strong, for ordinary webmaster is not difficult, Practice makes perfect., find their own.

fifth, easy promotion: in the link bait page, we should set the code, can let the webmaster easy to share. As long as the webmaster want to share, need to click can put on their websites or other media. Sometimes, some minor changes can make linkbait improves the success rate of many.

: the experimental results show that the effect of short articles to the user is not very strong, the length of the article and authority sometimes is proportional to, although this is not certain, but it is possible to put the content of the website made a little longer, so, with external links will be more relevant.

second, don’t try to: webmaster friends want to own website can quickly have a good external links, but don’t too speed. Sometimes it is deliberately making linkbait often have no effect, but occasionally write posts and articles with good results. Not recommended with too much time in the production, because most of the webmaster very clear what the real value.

The technology of

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