Hu Rong: sharing is actually to do around the SMO, new topics in the Shanghai dragon extends. The website is in addition to the new flow, active access search engine by means of. Similarly, a behavior is also recommend sharing users, so share more users, we also believe that this piece of web content. So now we have built the URL users to share directly into the mechanism of love Shanghai crawler list. It is hoped that such content can be found as soon as possible love Shanghai reptile. At the same time, the number of share in the search results to show, help the user search. So on the website, is a new operation of weapons."

A5- triumphantly: prior to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform salon, you shared a wonderful introduction to love Shanghai, love Shanghai to share what form? Love Shanghai share specific what can give Adsense help, for the traffic improvements, it has a prominent effect of

said SMO (Social Media Optimization) this topic I would like to say that a development process of Internet sites, the first is to YAHOO as the first wave of households as the representative of the trend, the second is to search the global era, now represented by Google. Now is the era of social networking era, represented by facebook. At present China do better is fire is represented by micro-blog, so we came to a social era, we remember that this is an era. Of course, search engines have to keep up with the times, so love Shanghai decisively launched Shanghai to share love, love to see Shanghai Webmaster Platform Hu Rong is how to say:

love Shanghai this year to upgrade the fast algorithm are not, to link the blow for blow content, for enhancing the user experience now is more and more important. The future who website have good content, who won the keywords ranking and brand promotion, with good content how spread out is a big problem. Have a good content like the atomic bomb, you have hit it for Intercontinental missile. Shanghai dragon can not solve this problem and can not solve the communication, interaction, now the general website basically do not have these features, even if there is not very suitable, and users are not accustomed to. In this era of micro-blog as the representative of some social media as well as the role of.


in my blog with a "breakdown of those out of the new search engine keyword search technology" article mentioned several new technologies to Shanghai dragon road gets narrower, love Shanghai entity search, Sogou knowledge cube, including yet launched a search engine, and voice represented by Siti search and love Shanghai is now to the portal site to dig, Robin Li even said in 2019 the sea will become the largest media, all of this signal without explanation in the now Shanghai Longfeng dilemma is more and more big, so we must ask in Shanghai dragon in the way? The author thinks that the combination of Shanghai SMO the dragon is the best way for future.


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