mouth is not Shanghai dragon, to come up with do, can say do not want Shanghai dragon, can carry out each step of the operation. Shanghai dragon is good prospects in the past ten years, the future will have more people into this industry, I hope they see this article as soon as possible, to choose a correct road Shanghai dragon is the only way we, the industry will have greater development. If the day is everywhere in Shanghai Longfeng moralizer, I think the industry is nearing its end.

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Shanghai dragon will be in development, because the love of Shanghai Google is not immutable and frozen, unless one day, love Shanghai Google put the business back (this should not occur), otherwise Shanghai Phoenix are a market. Shanghai dragon is about experience is the actual operation, many things are not your training, reading can be learned. You know more knowledge, if there is no actual operation a few words are standing empty talk, those who look at the dead knowledge will know, you do not need training. But experience is really rely on their own to grow operation.

Shanghai Longfeng in domestic development more and more quickly, more and more people begin to contact the call of the industry. This is no longer a thing only can touch the webmaster. But anything will encounter this or that problem, Shanghai dragon is no exception. More and more of the so-called Shanghai Dragon Master started to run out, some people may only read a few books, even a station without actual operation can run online training courses, under the banner of Shanghai dragon master to attract students, but do not know why now just contact Shanghai Longfeng novices to they say the toe, also help the victims they recruit more.

the one hand also shows that now the industry confusion, too many people fish in troubled waters in which some people use for the deep understanding of deceptive money. In my opinion, the future development of Shanghai dragon can’t go on like this. Shanghai dragon is not you used to get money, Shanghai dragon does not rely on training can also earn money. Shanghai dragon is a kind of network marketing, is a means of marketing, enterprises can fully revitalize Shanghai Longfeng own network marketing. The pianzi also don’t go through what is called the training lectures, those entering the industry entrap near the new. Shanghai dragon is a good thing, after you mislead, they will think of Shanghai dragon training to make money only.

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