constipation itself is not a big problem for health. But if you become a chronic disease, will soon be harmful to the human body, so that the body prematurely aging, which is the so-called "disease is not a disease," the reasons. We all know that frequent constipation can cause toxins to stay in the body caused by rough skin, freckles, but if long-term constipation will cause breast cancer.

from the aspect of beauty, constipation is a taboo thing. Sometimes lead to the skin is obviously rough, a small pimple or urticaria; because there will be a serious body odor, so the older women, the problem is even greater, and this is the symptoms of physical aging.

smooth bowel movement every day, is a common health conditions for men and women. In particular, love beautiful women, beautiful skin and bowel, bowel conditions. Women with constipation experience know that constipation is most likely to make the skin dry, but also relatively easy to acne.

why would such a problem? This is because the existence of intestinal feces, will make bad bacteria in the intestine, easy to cause the formation of toxic substances in skin diseases, and with the blood circulation in the body. The symptoms of constipation initially with abdominal distension uncomfortable, or burp fart, increasing the number of the form.

at this stage, only feel a little uncomfortable. However, if ignored, it is likely to develop into chronic constipation; soon, the head will be heavy, even the shoulders will be sore. There are a lot of people will have fatigue, Light-headedness or symptoms of insomnia, some children will cramp.

we all know if the intestines problems for too long, it will cause colorectal cancer. The first cause of death in Japan in twenty-first Century will be the prediction of colorectal cancer may not be true. The idea that "at best, just constipation" is very dangerous. Constipation not only evils in beauty, health, it will cause serious consequences.

is first hemorrhoids, long-term constipation will make the anus hurt, cause hemorrhoids. In general, unless the surgery is removed, hemorrhoids can not be cured. However, as long as the removal of constipation problems, even if there is no cure hemorrhoids, at least not worse.

constipation lasts ten years, after twenty years, may cause the most serious consequences. Perhaps most people do not know, if constipation had not been good, will not only make the intestines dirty, the body can induce premature aging, occurrence of breast cancer. Ten years ago, the American Journal of science has pointed out that breast cancer is an indirect cause of constipation.

according to the magazine, the American University of California from the acceptance of the prevention of breast cancer screening examination of women breast cells, found two times weekly defecation (i.e. constipation condition) of women, accounting for breast have abnormal cells (that is easily transformed into cancer cells) of the vast majority of women.

, on the other hand, more than once a day of women, accounting for only 5% of the abnormal breast cells. It is proved that women with chronic constipation are more likely to cause breast cancer

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