well, the internal construction of the city, to spread our city, the general city external promotion is advertising in CCTV and other major media, the main push is the characteristic of the city, take our website external promotion, want to get traffic, it is necessary to have their site features, and then use the advertising form issued to the corresponding platform. There is an exchange of advertising signs, take me home to see today on the bus stop advertising, A city on B City advertising, B city on A City advertising, so that the formation of the effect of advertising exchange, take my "Chinese etiquette celebration" the website says, I take it with another exchange website advertising or a kind of Links. The development of the city does not require any form of advertising, also need to have a good reputation, the reputation of others, as long as the thought of a specialty or character of the city, will be the first thought of target city, website development is the same reason, as long as the word done in place, the net search related.

is known as a city to develop the more prosperous city is prosperous, cannot do without the internal construction, like our website, if you want to grow, get more traffic, we must first lay a good foundation for the optimization of the site is inside. The city will grow, first of all to plan the city and every street community, as the site of each section and section. Each building in the city as the site layout, let visitors feel that the city is a big city, the city is the first look at the building and the building is bustling and beautiful, comfortable accommodation space can bring comfort to the public mood, and a kind of spider lure love Shanghai, comfortable site layout can also be let the love of spiders in Shanghai love our site, and long stationed. In order to public access to safe and fast, the road in the city street construction is the priority among priorities, like the internal links to our site, each website internal links must be smooth, such as the dead will cause traffic jams, traffic will detour, like love to meet the death of spiders in Shanghai will have their own website the climb, of course, also has the big city rush hour congestion situation, traffic is very good, if done in our website optimization of the internal surface under the condition of complete love Shanghai spiders crawling the congestion is good, I believe we all wish for.


external optimization

in recent years, more and more unified integration of urban and rural China, every city has attracted a lot of foreign investment enterprises stationed, came home from work and saw us local city billboards in the bus today, publicity is not what product advertising, but my city. May be related to my occupation, I suddenly think of the internal links of Shanghai dragon inside, this is not a text description. After some ideological setbacks, think of the pace of development of our city in recent years, it is very similar to the Shanghai dragon, we stand in the perspective of city development to see the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization.


internal optimization

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