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event owners to come back, a little calm for a long time, there is a month, these days there have been K station, it is found in the side, Arjuna, is an expert of network products, I also pay more attention to his blog, he ran for two people the forum station now, but now there are a few days ago also pulled the hair.

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recently love Shanghai more strictly to the website, we as a webmaster should also be properly reflect. Website content is king, all know, but really is seldom done, or generally to the original content is too difficult, especially as an information station, I currently do this blog, but also hope the original has been down, with some of their own experience and found to give you help. I hope you can give some supplement and correct.

6.22 6.28 events, K site has not recovered, may need to be part of the site was abandoned, I also have three stations is down right away, but no rankings included in. After the incident also had a lot of discussion, Shanghai official also gives a statement of love. The garbage collection content site, a large number of illegal site cleanup. At that time I remember Wang Tong’s company websites are K, search for "love Shanghai tongwang贵族宝贝", Wang Tong’s website has disappeared, Wang Tong also wrote a blog for it.


now search for the first row is another information, before the forum weight is still good, he acquired over spent hundreds of thousands, operators are also made quite a lot of time, Wangzhuan two stations are ranked in the Shanghai home of love. Also a k is didn’t do optimization, I bought it in the Internet domain name host, difficult to remember, so I enter his website is found directly in the search of the dot com, today I found that when the first love is a Shanghai open platform dot com’s phone number, but the site has not see, with the tools of query and weight value has dropped out, unfortunately, a IDC station was drop right, maybe this phone number is found down the right to take measures to remedy it, before there is No.

After the

or so, we now do website optimization, love Shanghai, the theme is more important, sensitive sites do not do the best, too unstable, may be right down at any time, the theme selected, we usually send the chain, a lot of people love no matter what the station to station network chain, is actually a a big mistake, the chain must pay attention to some related forums, relevant section of the article, don’t let the chain in some rubbish places, or places irrelevant, that will make itself from outside the station site located in the garbage station, stationmaster net send some articles can attract spider. This article try to update the original, combined with the way. My current blog Yi Shaokun blog, mainly toward this direction, the original + graphic combination and actually do something useful to share user experience. When it can’t original can write the article title >

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