now Shanghai dragon has become a hot job, a lot of recruitment websites can see the corresponding demand, and with the development of the Internet will be given more responsibility in the future will not only optimize >

algorithm change, link strategy was banned, Shanghai Longfeng company went bankrupt, Shanghai dragon becomes transparent and simple, which has been communicated to the outside world a message with the increase in the number of Shanghai dragon related practitioners, industry competition will be more intense, not only is the way to change, some affiliated industries will bring development opportunities, such as the Shanghai dragon training and personal Shanghai Longfeng optimization team.

The development of

optimization, do rankings, I think this has become the basis of many practitioners in daily work must follow the process did not change year after year, day in and day out, too much, but after several years of development in it, we will find Shanghai dragon work than before there is too much progress, more orderly environment and more mature technology, performance and efficiency are raised a notch, soft blow, search ranking mechanism and algorithm update we have seen the Shanghai dragon work needs to keep pace with the times. In fact, just join in 2010, we have said in Shanghai Longfeng work needs to change, especially after 2012.8 K, and SEM on the optimization technique of rhetoric has been spread like wildfire. Now in the past two years, the algorithm is also escalating, also have their own plans and prospects for the new day after work, in this share to everyone.

do not know if you do not feel that now the search rankings more humane, especially to do their own employment talent network, in addition to the user experience, search form is also in the change, search, search, aggregation time fragmentation search etc.. So since the Shanghai dragon is not in the network learning, but psychology, psychological analysis of users who locate accurately, who is the master. It is foreseeable that in the future there will be more and more enterprises will be directly integrated into the Shanghai dragon specialist operations department, began to be grafted to the user psychology began to use the network platform.

Shanghai Longfeng work needs innovation, need to change, the need for regular, we need to diversify, it is accumulated in the nine to five work experience, but I want to have a little, you need to face, that is changing them, Shanghai dragon operation basic knowledge is still the core part of the whole system, and chain, content, user experience is algorithm independent upgrade part, which is the principle, can not be lost can not be lost.

Shanghai dragon

algorithm and upgrade the search industry is actually a good thing for us, although at the forum closing makes a number of light industry friends for sentimental, but from the side of this show in Shanghai dragon industry gradually standardized, professional team and Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon company will go on stage, those who knock the back side search engine company will gradually fade out of people’s vision, the environment pollution is to enhance the quality of search.

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