two a little pull far, mainly for a long time did not write things, at the beginning of his true feelings to write out, want to read this article the young don’t the premature end of reading, in fact, dry cargo still behind, not because of the habit of writing and affecting everyone’s reading habits, really dry cargo in the back. I think I went through two business entities this year’s true feelings presented to you, to those in the confused period of friends have a more clear explanation on their own, in the future occupation planning to go better, more stable, faster to reach a certain height.

in Shenzhen in November 3, 2014 is a bit cool, suddenly the temperature suddenly dropped a lot, sudden cooling one of the southern metropolis to the autumn, because the seasons is not clear, also do not realize what kind of environment the northwest seasons give deep human experience. Come to this city for 4 years, bitter, sweet, happy, sad. A lot of people in the past few years, a lot of contact. I became more stable.

time soon, suddenly 2014 has come to an end, in the busy and crowded this year. The growth and development of their own is not worth mentioning, because many things happen in the body this year. Each person’s growth can not be so smooth, it also created a brilliant life. Thanks to these setbacks let my heart become more firm, and explore more clear life on their own, in every confused sleep at night, I think.

entered the A company from the company, A company is a medical equipment company, the company should be in the office environment in Shenzhen for example, more comfortable, colleague relationship is very harmonious. Because many superiors in the company, I removed 4 interviews, to successfully enter the A company. Go is hard to force consolidation site on-line matters. No contact space, domain name has no corresponding backup data, so the feeling has entered a deep feeling, but after a morning run, basically fix these issues, but also successfully got the space domain name, account number and password. You can easily take care of. The website on the successful on-line analytical normal access. The site is on the line problem, then signed with the website outsourcing contract does not specify what time the website is finished, the contract is one year. Since before the company did not know before, how long can do website 3 version results contract time range is one year, no detailed requirements document, such monitoring is also more trouble, but then I was forced to work overtime, in the input data every day. Before did not discuss the database directly, it will save a lot of things, it is not before the very detailed understanding of all cases will cause such trouble. In the A company to do so smooth, because of their own reasons to write his resignation. Fully prepared to in A company has been more than 4 months, their practical work, so as to take care of old people also said a lot of very, very grateful to them, after the road.

In 2014 May,

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