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is the first application of a micro micro news, and click rate is more. The main function of the micro display and the news is words related news and information, including the headlines and some recommended news, click more can also enter into the information channel, browse more content. The micro news in the background just set the corresponding keywords, can search for content, to ensure display news is the latest information content. Due to the user’s browsing habits, browse multiple news, so news widget CTR ranking.


before the search application in the third generation, the news has been micro electricity supplier in the field of site operations, and to maintain a high rate of application. For example, in China kitchen equipment network, China driving training portal website platform, news widget can provide comprehensive and timely information industry information for the user.

not long ago, the search released the first batch of 46 micro products to the outside world, constitute the third generation of the first micro search function system. At present, these micro parts have all used in the third generation search about 300000 search results page, the application rate of more than 90%. After the opening of micro search platform, external developers and organizations can also submit the independent development of the micro parts, enrich the function system of micro parts.

In addition to

The application of micro-blog

micro-blog, the application rate of Post Bar micro parts, quiz widget is relatively high, is welcomed by the users of social networking widgets. Unlike other network applications, the search widget can be achieved in the search results page and user interaction, which is innovation and pioneering in the field of search engine.

In addition to the micro

micro parts of the ranking, in the social class of micro parts is the first, this increase has the very big relations in recent years and micro-blog users. Micro-blog widget is the function of display and micro-blog keyword related information to the user, and can also micro-blog content grab Sina and Tencent, presented in the rolling update way.

in the third generation of search by many different micro parts, each micro parts show different content, and according to the demand placed micro quantity. In the content less pages, require the use of more than a dozen micro parts, more content pages have more than 20 micro parts. According to the search data, news, micro-blog, archives accounted for the widget applications before the three, Post Bar, forums, quizzes and other interactive widgets is used for ranking.

file is the application rate of third micro parts, used to introduce the detailed information of keywords. Small files include close >

also worth mentioning is that these interactive class search widget than SNS interactive website is more open, not so registered users can log on to interaction, therefore, the third generation of search is the first Internet search engine can be realized.

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