for a page in the search engine included repeated several times I do not know is good or bad, and according to the author, this is not really what good phenomenon. After all, this will give your site included excessive repetition, and is not conducive to the website optimization. So, the web page is repeatedly included, according to my experience, have a certain impact on the ranking weight, therefore, to solve this kind of problem, help your website to normalization is necessary.



with two web site, especially to generate static web site, itself is a dynamic, naturally after will be more of a static web site, such as this article collected, two web site was also included, which is why sometimes, obviously they update three the article has included six papers or even more, because the search engine inside two of them. The same article is regarded as independent, naturally two are included. In fact, most of the time, the webmaster want to site, but also the repeated several times included, an increase included exists for the website optimization, but before long, the same will be deleted, after all, the same content exists in the database search led Zhi will only take up space, so that that is why today contains so many reasons, a few days and no. For this reason, the use of ROBOT dynamic shield on the line.


page is included to repeat several times, this is not conducive to the website optimization and promotion website weight ranking. Most can only increase the amount collected, but not for long. It will affect the quality of the site. The same article included repeated three times, so it will take the weight of the website to spread. So, for such problems, the webmaster should not think of it as a repetition of the more the better, so as to increase the amount collected, in fact, this is really useful? Just like things to hope for your reason why so expensive as pearls is scarce, if the massive popularity of words will be expensive? And for the solution in this case are the following:

, using the ROBOT shield other website

Each site is

cache is mainly because of the space settings or improper performance space not Zeyang, because the space is not the good performance of the existing cache, and because the access speed, naturally not say in the cache. A lot of space will be with this kind of caching mechanism for a second website, the cache not cleared will only make the search engine to the same article included many times, because at the beginning you add after naturally in space left on the edit buffer, and when you update all after. To generate static or pseudo static, and there will be a cache, and then generate a url. In this way there will be a three. But some programs will be automatically saved, of course there will be automatically saved is the backup cache, or else how to restore it. So, for such a slow.

two and timelyThe

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