1. keywordsThe

from the definition of it is not difficult to see that the research is so important keywords. Keywords research significance is mainly reflected in the following 4 aspects.

(1) to ensure that the target keywords people search


(2) to reduce the difficulty of optimization

keyword informationKeywords


The concept of

on the role of search engines, is every Shanghai Longfeng people should be here, not too much ado, here is what keywords.

Keywords Keywords The

information is not obvious in the purchase intention of keywords, does not contain obvious websites to search, such as "mobile phone pictures", "weight loss method", this kind of information is the largest number of keyword search, the most change form, as shown in figure 5-19.


(2) trading keywords

selection is the premise.

Study on the meaning of the words

site is not the core keywords must be set most probably it did not actually happen, keyword research in order to ensure this does not search keywords, keywords search on the web site for any value. Therefore, the enterprise website to determine the appropriate keywords, the first thing to do is to study these keywords have no users search, search times have to reach a certain magnitude.

trading refers to the user with a clear intention to buy the search, such as "Apple mobile phone price", "which is the best laptop computer". Obviously, the commercial value of the largest transactions such as keywords, because users have begun to enter the commodity analysis process, looking for the most appropriate seller, only one step away from the transaction, as shown in figure 5-18.

keyword is user input text in the search box, you ordered the search engine to find what keywords forms, can be Chinese, English or English mixture can be a word, two words, three words or even a word. According to different search keywords, can be roughly divided into navigation keywords, keywords and key trading information.

navigation refers to the user in the search for a particular site, he knew that he wanted to go to the website which, just do not remember the address or not enter the URL, so directly enter the brand name or brand specific Related words in the search engine. Usually the official website of the keyword search results came in second values is that users want to access. As I often visit Jingdong mall, but did not remember the Jingdong mall site, usually enter the "Jingdong mall" in the search engine, then in the first row is the Jingdong website (as shown in Figure 5-17), the "Jingdong mall" belongs to the navigation key.

navigation keyKeywords

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