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actually in about a week ago, I found 360 search also appeared in search results to simplify the web site, only to retain the main domain name case (pictured) was found after feeling a bit strange, but because it is part of the case is not really. Now love Shanghai has a comprehensive search results. The simplified adjustment, who first thought of doing so, or two is the heart, or what… I don’t know.

search results. Simplified visual still looks good. The overall feeling of a lot of fresh, give people the feeling that spring summer feeling. Some friends may feel simplifies the web site, is not conducive to the recognition of the URL page, but the search for users, they do not care about the specific URL don’t even know what a URL is, as long as they can access the web on it.

in mid March on the abolition of the noble baby underline search results below the title, the computer version of the search result interface and mobile terminal interface style consistent. The whole page looks more concise and generous feeling. Love Shanghai now also canceled the underscore, faced with this change we love Shanghai, in addition to the visual feel more comfortable, what need to do

love Shanghai simplifies the search results page URL in addition to look relaxed, what is worthy of our attention? The first thing I noticed is that some of the "little things". Later, at present, including: snapshot date, credibility V certification icon, "love Shanghai snapshot" and evaluation (invite you comment). Originally some page URL is long, by comparison, these "little things" row, now. Simplified, their overall pan left, I think because of the "substantial" like the left shift, these "little things" to attract users to click on the role of increasing.


is actually a change of thinking, love Shanghai. Maybe not only simplifies the search results search is considered from the perspective of the user experience, but also because of the love of Shanghai "small things" gradually increased, so the idea to simplify the web site, provide the location for now "small things" and will produce the new "small things" and by simplifying the URL that these "little things" to occupy a more favorable position, be able to attract more users to see the search, through these "little things" and interactive search results. This is the implementation of the "Shanghai love a measure of user experience.

this afternoon five points before and after Shanghai found love search results different from the past, looked at it and found in the search results. The simplified, retaining only the main domain name. Another point is that the search results underline the title in the canceled (below), Lenovo to some time ago love Shanghai large scale abnormal snapshot snapshot of the 95 years, fell in love with the sea is brewing in a big update.

love Shanghai title search results underscore what I found after the cancellation of

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