4: I can easily get lost, so if you want to guide me, you have to your website each page write a separate title, especially some of the product page column page. If you do, a good title will guide me crawl in your site.

Hello, I am a spider. Don’t panic, I’m not the kind of spinning, look scary, so a little spider venom secretion. I’m spider, you can not see me. But don’t think not to despise me Oh, many webmaster want to please my house, I have to look at his house decorated my taste? If so, I will go every day, if the out of order, cut, I never go to that is possible. I was so great, because I was a spider, I am afraid.


2: I hate that every time I go to the same site, see the same content in your every day here, it was not fun, so the change point pattern, high frequency update, I would happily, happily to the next time.

5: I hope you can label for your website. In this way, I will let you easily tell what is this station. For example, write a good description, it is a supplement to the title. There must be precise keywords.

so what I activities? I through the web link to find web pages from the web site, a page (usually home) to read the content of a web page, find other links in the page address, and then through these links to find the address of a web page, so the cycle continues until. All the pages of this site are crawling until the end. Of course, some websites how to set up for my taste, I look away next home.

3: I hate to repeat the eyeful. You may not know, every day here up there, I experienced it, so I can see you this article has not repeated, of course, I have no time to look, look at the beginning yo ending, I go, so, if the small owners, if you really don’t have time to write a good something else, to modify the contents, the best add your comment view apart, I will be.

yes, newbier rumbling I hate a lot of things. You’d better eye Oh, or punish your site for a lifetime to see me. (laughing spider ing)

although we all know I exist, but many owners still do not know how I was there, so introduce myself. I was actually computer "robot", I was a human cannot reach the speed of uninterrupted execution software program. In the network Palaipaqu, repeatedly, tireless.

1: I hate dynamic website, if you love me, the best site static, or you stand, but I can’t go.

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