down, the final result is to search for the key words, the first 20 pages are our articles.

of course easy to say, hard to do. That is because many people do not grasp the details of the operation. Here I will share with you a long tail word forming closure execution scheme:

love Shanghai doesn’t give us the enterprise station page ranking, it is very simple, we went to Shanghai to love the inside pages of the site to do the long tail word. We use these high weight website (such as Sina, Renren, Youku, love Shanghai and other products) within the page, released through a large laying soft, to seize the long tail word of their own, this is the long tail word closure strategy.

if we want to give your site to bring traffic, so we must think of a way to do long tail keywords closure, because most of the business owners are enterprise station, station is unable to obtain the characteristics of the enterprise within the page ranking and traffic.

, 2 to 20 high weight website, published 40 articles. Don’t try to take the link, but to guide users through the search brand word writing style.

3, to promote records, records of keywords, you want to do the title, links etc.. In order to analysis what platform included, ranking good.


flow is the bottleneck of many enterprises in the long tail word station flow breakthrough, through the third party platform weight closure long tail word flow is the webmaster must master the technology. As long as adhere to the implementation of the above scheme, your web traffic can get breakthrough. The flow is, the customer is more natural, the chance of turnover will increase.

4, the platform account must record, these are your resources, when you do a new keyword, you can register an account will save a lot of time.

, a long tail word closure strategy

example: we have to do "" Shanghai Dragon Technology Research Center of the long tail word, so we can write "Shanghai Longfeng National Research Center of Technology Exchange Conference", "2013 Shanghai Longfeng National Research Center of technology to build the Internet Jiaotong University quality site" 5 articles, and then to 20 different post platform.

1, to determine the long tail word to do, and the expansion of 5 different titles, writing 5 articles, and be sure to include your own brand word.




and related rules included love Shanghai. Because of the love of Shanghai found that enterprises could not produce a large number of high quality articles, so in order to prevent a lot of garbage article, not across the board to the enterprise site page ranking. Of course there are exceptions, unless your site weight is very high, but I think most of the enterprise stand are individuals or small teams, it is impossible to reach. So, we are talking about, small business station, how to do long tail keywords closure.

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