according to Taiwan today news network news, the U.S. media conducted a survey, a list of eastern and Western breasts that troubles, busty enviable but you know, the chest is too big is a worry.

the United States, "Huffington post" reported that many female friends think they feel poor and feel inferior, but in fact, after reading the following breast trouble may be comforted.

reported that women suffer large chest sweat, the breast bra to be mistaken for a hat or beam, hip belt should have enough budget to buy big bra, it is difficult to find suitable bra bra stores, occupy the travel luggage space, most of the chest to buy insurance, running with others the strange vision, and even have to consider their own boyfriend is love love or love your chest.

in addition to the listed Western women for several large chest trouble, there are Japanese netizens pointed out that the Oriental female chest too much of the trouble, including the chest is too big, the weight is too heavy to shoulder and neck pain, often running or jumping rope swinging, causing pain, part of the male gaze on the chest, hot summer do not wear too thin clothes, easy to be considered a bimbo or sleaze women.

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