Internet fire, with micro-blog fire, with a bunch of people who love the Internet began the Shanghai dragon line, different new sites began to online, is Shanghai dragon rookie, that we can’t even lose at the starting line. That how to give new sites for effective promotion, let it quickly get traffic.

1. forum propaganda. The forum is the most popular place, you can go to the forum to publicize your stand, you stand with keyword registration account, hang up your station signature in the forum, at the forum in the active site, to promote their standing in the forum, it is really very simple, should be how to do this is not to say, I think we all know.

Optimization of

new line after the new publicity: online, how to let others know of this station, how to let search engines know? You can submit your site to search engines, let the spider know you this station, to attract spiders. Want to let your users know the following methods of

2. micro-blog propaganda. Micro-blog is now very fire, everyone knows that this is something that you’ll use micro-blog to hype your site, updated daily, micro-blog, to promote their own station, but also not too much water, pure advertising is not something anyone to see, micro-blog marketing should also pay attention to skills: to use the topic of speculation. Each micro-blog with pictures, pictures can add their own watermark, prevent copying, but also can increase your site exposure rate. Micro-blog held activities, micro-blog is the best method to increase popularity to the site, but also to give something, there will have to pay the harvest.

new site before, turned out to be not lose on the starting line, then we have to start from the station. First of all, according to the content of your site, a good domain name, the domain name is like your own name, simple, easy to remember, the best is the same as your site keywords, or is registered in your name. Secondly, the good domain name registration is to find a suitable website template, color collocation is good, but also to your user experience issues to consider. Finally, a lot of new online, did not have much money, will choose a free host, not to say that the free stuff is not good, it will be about to search engines crawl, or choose their own host space, not too big, enough of their own on the line, there should be independent of the IP, like the foreign host. You can try ixwebhosting, Chinese website (贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝), Chinese customer service, convenient for you to solve the problem in the process of using.

3. soft propaganda. The weight of the chain is soft method to bring the best website. Many webmaster friends, if I dare to write an original, we all know that the original is very difficult, but Adsense or stick to do, to know the original site to bring more than money, there are owners of their growth process. An original comes out, first in your host, such as spiders crawl, in investment >

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