rapid development of the Internet in this one world, especially in China, whether you are a new e-commerce site or traditional personal website, the website for Shanghai dragon requirements has been quietly changing, is the so-called wise, for our Shanghai dragon Er can according to this can be changed according to the view of the changes of the times is the real Shanghai dragon er. Then I will elaborate in the following several points we need to change.

the simple share this.

as many novice beginners Shanghai Longfeng, may have been so with, Shanghai dragon is to organic with the search engines to get good rankings. But from my actual experience, as a site is not simply said that as long as your ranking up flow will follow up, the opposite is not good ranking does not mean that your traffic is poor. As a Shanghai dragon Er, we can not only in the rankings to the horn, we also should focus on key words, words of what conversion rate is more high, as a 贵族宝贝cunwu.cuncun8贵族宝贝 site before I do, the key words of "the site of the public affair in Shanghai love home first a position, but the actual situation is from the village public traffic is the key recently pitiful.

content is king, the chain for the emperor. The chain is the search engine status from this sentence can be read out. The traditional Shanghai dragon ER was confined to the construction of the chain is a body of work, they will be crazy registered forum account, apply for a blog account and so on, then is crazy on the forum, blog released some of the chain, these things are painstakingly manual labor, but you have not thought about, for these short-term outreach in May will be good for your site, but with the search engine algorithm update, as long as the search engine to identify the chain will these waste them out, then you painstakingly worked just an empty basket flood. We should abandon the construction of the chain is always physical point of view, the construction of the chain to local conditions, planning, construction quality.

Shanghai dragon is what category of computer technology?? not really, Shanghai Dragon said a bit more accurate is a branch of network marketing. We have done the work, including research, the keywords ranking, improve the conversion rate and so on. Is for the purpose of marketing. So as Shanghai dragon Er, we can not only consider the weight of the site, included, should also focus on the site’s profit.

: as Shanghai dragon Er, we can’t just to get a good ranking.

two: as Shanghai dragon Er, and can not be confined to the construction of the chain is a body of work

three: as Shanghai dragon Er, not for the purpose of profit is in play rascal


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