said the four point.

user friendly experience for our webmaster is not strange, but as we diligently pursue is the webmaster more user friendly experience degrees. A site user friendly experience can be reflected from a lot of small details, these details are often webmasters did not notice, but as our site will need to do the people have me have, people I had no real realm can exceed our competitors.

3: in addition to us to tell the user that this is an error page, we should also try to explain why their users will see this page, tell the user that was not the target page, allowing users to understand to access this page because they have the wrong address or because the site itself appears in the revised upgrade this page.

2: add on our sites each section of the anchor text links in the page, this can be very good to guide our users to their desired page.

when our site has a page or user delete the wrong address when we visit, how do we tell our users and guide them to the correct position is particularly important when the 404 error page is our only choice. We can find 404 error page is a traditional cold only "No Found" word of the page, this page is not a small blow for the friendly user experience degree. So if you want to make a user friendly error page need to pay attention to what some small details? When I happened to visit the A5 station network today a wrong directory address, see the A5 error page, feel that the production is also good, so today I to A5 on the wrong page for example, share for some 404 error pages made new. First we look at the A5 error page.

from the above we can see that the error page A5 design is relatively simple, but contains a lot of small details, the author takes each block mark number, then make specific analysis.

We can see that the author

4: in addition to providing the link anchor text of each plate, we also need to provide a search box, and then tell us the user interpretation through the search box they can more quickly and accurately find the information they want. This also I think A5 is doing well, we can see in the A5 error page provides a web search, A5 search site or A5 search, which is a friendly user experience can improve the degree of detail is very good.

1: first we look at the head, we found that the head has placed the site icon, and set up a link to the home page of the site. And to specify "404 Error" next to the icon, which is clear to our users, they currently have access to this page is an error page.


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