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for Shanghai dragon Er, we do not know whether you care about this problem? When I just started the Shanghai dragon encounter such problems, a lot of keywords or do not go up, or do not flow, and later found the original from the beginning is wrong.

first, when we select keywords due to the leadership of the company are not very familiar with Shanghai Longfeng, will require us to determine the key words to do, when we only by virtue of personal understanding of the company’s products, but did not stand in the user search intention to consider, will determine the keywords to optimize; there is no use to do more analysis and research, thus creating a lot of words have no effect or not in place; so when selecting the keyword to understand the user’s search needs is very important.

? How to layout?

How much is the quality of the chain website number?

is a station on the chain, large inner chain. I always thought that the general enterprise website belong to the small site, so the chain is more important. As everyone knows, the search engine will be carried on the analysis to the website to obtain the quantity and quality of the link, in order to make the evaluation of the site, and ultimately affect the site in search results show. In the view of search engine, web link quality is even more important than quantity. The author believes that the quality and the chain is Links, insist on doing 1 to 2 every day, and constantly monitor, as found in other friends of the chain is abnormal, then contact each other and then link deleted. Exchange Links to consider how the quality of correlation, the other site? Links most do dozens of can, but do not use the same keywords as anchor text, should be diversified. We don’t buy black chain, in order to your site for long-term development of

second, many so-called Shanghai dragon Er layout keywords are actually all of the keywords in the page title; then the Keywords tag, description tag repeat layout, this is actually just right! Everybody forgot the title, description of the restrictions on the number of words in the search results. In addition, some people even put all the web pages and describe the structure of the same title keywords all websites, and thus difficult to judge the search engine for the page ranking. The keyword of the website layout we must pay attention: the density and rationality, without affecting the user experience, the density is 2% – 8%, the reasonable layout of each location on the site.

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with the development trend of the Internet, more and more enterprises involved. But because many traditional companies are not very familiar with the network marketing, they are also commonly used is Shanghai dragon, therefore all hope that through good keywords ranking to get sales, and enhance the visibility. But now most of the Shanghai dragon Er is a novice, the problems are very much; the author talk about some personal opinion website keywords ranking is not good, if there is insufficient welcome to add


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