breast cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors in women, according to statistics, the incidence rate of 7-10% of all kinds of malignant tumors, in women with malignant tumors in the second only to uterine cancer. And at present, the incidence of breast cancer is still rising, in many large cities, the incidence of breast cancer has become the first female cancer, the number one killer of women’s health.

eight signs of breast cancer

1, the cause of breast cancer

breast cancer as a hormone associated cancer, the incidence of which there is no exact reason. But from the research situation, there are many factors that cause breast cancer, such as:

Family history and inheritance of

(1). Many patients showed familial aggregation. This suggests that there are some genetic defects in the family. Lee said the current study from abroad found that BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations in two genes can lead to breast cancer patients. The probability of cancer gene carriers lifetime up to 70% – 80%. In the domestic population, the population carrying this gene is relatively small.

Reproductive factors of

(2). As to the early age of menarche, age of menopause is relatively late, leading to estrogen in the body remains in a longer period of time at a high level, the risk of breast cancer will increase. Now the standard of living improves, children age of menarche in advance, the trend of younger breast cancer. In addition, the incidence of late childbearing or lifelong infertility is also higher than the normal population. Because the development of pregnancy on the development of breast has a protective effect, there is no reproductive process can not form a protection of the breast, it will lead to illness.

(3) hormone levels. Including endogenous and exogenous hormone levels. Such as their hormones, drugs, food, etc.. If the body’s estrogen has maintained a high level, then the risk of illness will rise.

(4) environment. Ionizing radiation is the most important. Such as chest radiography. In a short period of time, the more radiation, the risk of breast cancer will increase, therefore, do not advocate regular chest radiography, especially young women. Because the dose of radiation to the breast is lifelong accumulation, it is not recommended to use the breast molybdenum target in the short term.

(5) lifestyle. Busy work. Life, psychological pressure, have a great impact on many diseases. Westernized lifestyle, do not pay attention to rest, stay up for a long time, leading to increased prevalence.

director Lee told the majority of users must have a healthy lifestyle, in order to avoid decreased immunity, suffering from cancer. But now most of the young people do not pay attention to. Therefore, the increase of incidence.

2, breast cancer common people and high-risk groups

which age group is more likely to develop breast cancer, Li said: "breast cancer occurs mainly in women aged 40 – 50"

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