woman each month has upset then a few days, this means menses or has come, although very troublesome but menstruation for women is very important, if not to menstruation, can only represent a physical problem, and some even come to menstruation, dysmenorrhea or less it is not a good phenomenon, then the woman menstruation how much? What are the bad effects of menstruation?

The amount of menstrual

women are It differs from man to man. is generally 20-100 ml, generally, a day on average for 3-5 piece of sanitary towel is normal; if excessive menstrual blood, the feeling for sanitary napkins once again soon drenched, and even blood flow down along the leg, this is not normal. Menorrhagia may be caused by psychological stress, malnutrition and metabolic disorders and other factors. The long-term excessive menstrual flow, will appear pale, fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms of anemia, should identify the reasons for timely treatment. In general, 30 ml each time is too small, too much amount of 80 ml, the number of women’s menstrual normal should be about 60 ml.

The harm of

menstruation has the following several points: 1 caused by splash, affect the appearance of smearing cosmetics will not work, if not in time to see a doctor for treatment, not only affect the beauty, but also affect the body health; 2 may cause menstrual arthritis, asthma, menstrual pain endometriosis, cervicitis and other gynecological inflammation; 3 is caused by a factor of headache. Menstruation is not only to see the doctor in peacetime also need to do the following: to ensure adequate sleep, liver blood is crucial for women, and not stay up early sleep to nourish liver blood; adjust their mentality: the pressure of the heart, emotions will lead to abnormal menstruation; eat tonic for women or containing iron food, such as chicken, lamb, shrimp, mussels, sheep kidney, black beans, cucumbers, nuts etc.. Don’t be too tired, menstruation is best not to let yourself too tired, to maintain a relaxed and casual life.

women’s menstrual normal amount of how much I believe we all know, the menstrual situation with people’s age, physical fitness are related. Less menstrual flow to the hospital to check, as long as the normal ovulation, there is no other disease, less menstrual volume is not affected by pregnancy.

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