Under normal circumstances, women’s leucorrhea is white or transparent, like egg white, no smell, but not much

. Female vaginal discharge may be due to the influence of ovulation or menstruation, this is a normal physiological phenomenon. If the amount of vaginal discharge in other time is more, it may be a health problem. Here to see what is the cause of vaginal leucorrhea?

leucorrhea many reasons

abnormal vaginal discharge, the emergence of a large number of color, smell and texture are changing, with a foul odor, color becomes yellow or brown, you must pay attention to. This situation is likely to be infected with gynecological diseases, such as vaginitis, cervicitis. What are the causes of vaginal leucorrhea? Pathogen infection can lead to abnormal vaginal discharge in women, if the continued use of contaminated food, the pathogen from the vagina to the genital tract in the end, causing infection, resulting in more leucorrhea.

girl leucorrhea may be due to cervical erosion. The female produces childbirth when produces the laceration, the sex hormone change as well as the improper behavior causes the cervix inflammation, causes the cervix erosion, causes the leucorrhea quantity to increase. Some women may exist " congenital cervical erosion " leucorrhea amount will be more. Viral infections can also cause a lot of vaginal discharge. Some of the virus can be cured without treatment, such as influenza virus, but the condyloma acuminatum virus will lead to increased leucorrhea, must be treated in a timely manner.

girls leucorrhea may be caused by Candida albicans infection. The characteristics of white cocci are tenacious vitality, and prefer humid environment. Therefore, this infection is difficult to cure. There are many reasons for vaginal bleeding, antibiotics, birth control pills, pregnant women and diabetes diseases, or tights, etc. are easy to cause infection, once the infection is difficult to cure. Atrophic vaginitis can also cause women leucorrhea, the body of the lack of estrogen, vaginal wall is very fragile, it is easy to be infected with inflammation, leading to abnormal leucorrhea increase.

female genital organs into the foreign body, leucorrhea will increase. For example, the vagina has gauze, cotton plugs and menstrual plugs, etc.. If the uterus is not suitable for the placement of the device is forced to put it, it will stimulate the genitals, resulting in increased leucorrhea. What are the causes of vaginal leucorrhea? Leucorrhea many reasons, different types of reasons are not the same. In the event of abnormal leucorrhea and so on, do not panic, you can go to the hospital for vaginal examination, understanding the causes of symptomatic treatment.

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