we need to work and rest. For the chest, we need to maintain a good appearance, but also know how to let it liberate. Breast care needs to have loose Chi, girls to protect their own health, but also to learn from time to let them release.

four signal reminder should change underwear!

healthy breasts need to relax

French women pursue natural beauty, they rarely give up health in pursuit of beauty, on the contrary, in their eyes, health, nature is the most beautiful. Many French women’s magazines also advocate the idea of "healthy living, elegant old". For breasts, French women are more comfortable and natural.

on the streets of France, can often be seen wearing comfortable cotton jacket, not a woman underwear look over coffee magazine. Europe and the United States clinical research found that wearing a bra every day for more than 10 hours of women, the probability of suffering from breast disease will greatly increase.

to this end, the French call for breast holiday, it is recommended that women should not be too harsh on their breasts, do not have to insist on its tall and straight, bodybuilding, sexy, as long as let nature take its course. They also give a special to the breast holiday, the three reasons, that is comfortable, reduce the risk of illness, natural display of female beauty.

In addition, many women’s health care organizations call for women to take off their bra while they are sleeping, keeping the blood clean,

said. At the same time, it is recommended in the weekend leisure, as long as comfortable, you can not wear a bra, give the breast a day off.

gives a comfortable home to the chest

wear bra: bra for most women still want to wear, the key is to choose the right size and model.

know your size: bra size is a combination of the bust size and code cup, cup code for the bust, such as the difference is about 10cm for the A cup, 12.5cm B 15cm cup, C cup, and so on. If your chest is on 83cm, the bust is 74cm, then the correct size for you is 75A.

Bra "supply": women need two kinds of bra every month, before and after menstruation. Because of hormonal changes in the size of the breast even in the same month will change.

4 signal tips to replace bra

experts: the need to re measure the woman every three months to buy new right bra size changes according to their own. Even the usually well care, the average life span of a bra should not exceed 10 months, regularly updated to protect the health of must.

one, shoulder straps often fall

reason for this phenomenon may be two, a bra is too small too loose, move up after the fall prone shoulder strap. Two is the wrong shoulder strap style. Each different type of shoulder, wide shoulders, narrow shoulders, flat shoulder, strain etc..

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