eat what stomach?

first: milk

milk flat, has good effect on spleen and stomach and lung. Take some milk in daily life, can effectively nursed back to the lungs and stomach, and moist intestine, avoid constipation. If stomach pain and constipation, ulcers and so on, then it can be appropriate and some milk, but if there is diarrhea and spleen deficiency patients, it is best not to eat.

second: porridge

porridge food more easily digested, and can also play a very good role in the stomach. There are many common types of porridge, rice pudding is a relatively common, which contains peanuts, almonds and sugar and so on, can play a very good effect of Yangwei peanut fresh contain a lot of protein and fat, can protect the spleen and stomach is very good. Want to make the stomach work, so breakfast is very important, you must eat some pungent, but easy to digest and nutritious food.


soupIn fact,

most nourishing food is not porridge, but the soup. Here is not what we say soup soup, broth is relatively high acidity, so it is better to choose a variety of seasonal vegetables, so the effect is better.

fourth: staple food

due to the differences between the north and south, the staple food is not the same, such as the north is like pasta, the south is like rice. If you want to achieve the effect of Yangwei, you should eat less Steamed Rice, because rice contains more acid, but should eat some noodles. If you have to eat rice or porridge, then add the right amount of soda, which is good for the stomach.

fifth: Apple

apple tastes sweet, Chinese medicine believes that the cold, eat more effectively ah to the stomach and spleen, moistening and vital role, especially for those who have Yin deficiency patients with gastric diseases.

sixth: cabbage

There are a lot of

cabbage, is a good nourishing food. The daily eat cabbage, can effectively achieve the spleen and stomach, diuresis, detumescence, detoxification, abandon also has a good therapeutic effect for those poor sleep quality, sore throat and so on. This is mainly because in cabbage contains a lot of vitamin C, the pain and promote the ulcer has a good effect to restore health.


of cabbage and barley, dried tangerine peel and honey together boil, can be effective in the treatment of bloating, stomach pain and ulcer; and after the red bean, melon and sugar boiled together, can effectively achieve detumescence diuresis. However, if some of the spleen and stomach is weak or diarrhea patients, it is best not to eat too much.

cabbage contains a lot of antioxidants, can effectively improve the body’s immunity. And contains abundant nutrients in cabbage, in addition to vitamin C, it also contains potassium, vitamin K and vitamin E >

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