, especially for those who had seen their mothers suffer from cancer, this concern is even greater. Genes are the only master of fate?. Some of our future health may be genetically determined, but at least part of the initiative is in our hands. Genetic factors may be 1 times more likely to develop a disease than a normal person, but a right decision, a more scientific way of life, can reduce the risk of illness to a minimum.

we please experts for the family genetic diseases in some of the most representative has done a detailed analysis, let women in busy for work at the same time can timely and effectively establish health awareness, to take precautions.

NO.1 breast cancer

The latest survey figures show that: if the

family of breast cancer is a distant relative (cousin or grandmother), then you will be slightly higher than the prevalence of average risk coefficient. If close relatives (mother, sister, daughter, even his father, son and brother — who said that men do not get breast cancer?) with breast cancer, then the probability of illness you should be 2 times higher than that of ordinary people; if the immediate family is at the age of 50 diagnosed with breast cancer, then, after you had the risk of the disease is much higher; and if you have two or two more close relatives have a history of breast cancer, then the probability of your disease is 3 times more than ordinary people.

far away from breast cancer curse:

maintain normal weight, regular exercise, eat a lot of green food, reduce fat intake, and control the daily consumption (preferably not more than 1 cups).

expert advice:

regular X-ray examination at the age of 20 women every month should be doing a breast self-examination, in addition, every year still need to go to the hospital for examination, and invited experts to analyze your inspection report, was found to have no signs of early, nip in the bud.

Some experts suggest that

, who have a serious family history of breast cancer than women in the family should be diagnosed with breast cancer in the minimum age of 10 years ahead of the beginning of the year to do breast X film examination.

NO.2 colon cancer

Susan’s mother died of colon cancer at age 51. Susan had just over 30 years old this year, the fear of heart approaching Earth day. According to clinical experience, Susan probability of colon cancer is 6% (and ordinary people suffering from the disease probability of average life is 1%). If Susan’s mother was at the age of 45 diagnosed with colon cancer, then her life probability of disease has increased to 10%. The parents have been suffering from colon cancer in women, the probability of illness as high as 17%.

not only have ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and female breast cancer family history, the probability of cancer is generally higher than other women from the healthy family. Far from colon cancer:

eat low fat, less meat, more vegetables, nutritious meals, and regular exercise, avoid obesity, and strong

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