, the current capital environment, enterprises fail this year they do not count beyond count, there are a lot of closures, is normal, but also do not have to deliberately emphasize a stage closures, more in the future development, the more can be found, in fact, failure is a normal, can also be understood as following for a long time, do not stop closures.

long lived in venture capital circles, people know that this year the capital market does not seem to be warming, the winter capital is far better than we imagined more long-term investment institutions, to find a good project, entrepreneurial projects can not find financing, the heart is very miserable, struggling, each came to self doubt, eventually many projects failed to survive this winter, ended in gloom.

"Rethinking the" change "of the times

we are thinking, what’s wrong with this era? The times have changed, the market has changed, investors have changed, consumers have changed, as if everything has changed, but it seems that everything has not changed, entrepreneurship far was not so hot, the winter capital also reluctant to recede, entrepreneurial dividend once seemed could not find, do entrepreneurs, in confusion and anxiety for a long time, do not know how to take the next step.

entrepreneurs touted the mobile Internet began to slump, Baidu Robin Li believes that the mobile Internet is no longer a unicorn, the opportunity lies in the future of artificial intelligence". Yes, times have changed, the core reason is that: in the past, entrepreneurship is to solve information asymmetry, connecting people and goods, people and people, people and services, and after several years of development, the mobile Internet is largely solved the problem of asymmetric information, when the information is more symmetrical, so the dividend will naturally subside.

then get to the bottom step, the mobile Internet is how to solve the information asymmetry, the wave of the Internet 2013-2014 O2O really struck, homeopathy, a large number of entrepreneurial companies and the rise of Beauty Group reviews, hungry, Baidu Nuomi began to truly enter into the mass consumer groups view, the mobile Internet Era is to cultivate a lot of unicorns, but behind the unicorn is through the sea tactical play down, that is to say, the unicorn to solve information asymmetry at the same time, but also exacerbated another contradiction, when the resource is the integration of the same time, companies no longer need so many people, labor costs increased sharply, once a Dajiangshan group that had to value marginalized.

simply can not stop the collapse tide

recently had a voice that is closed as one falls, another rises, "entrepreneurs are shouting" winter winter winter!!! ", leading to the survival of enterprises has become the first factor, although the winter period enterprise valuation fall, limited to the profit model is not clear, still less money to finance, the concept of speculation time is really the end, investors looking for entrepreneurs to data, yiyanbuge will take CEO away, continue to deteriorate, it would have to enter the stage of bankruptcy liquidation.

on the current capital environment

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