vintage in recent years tingfan. When in 2011 the most lively, his home where the billboards throughout the street, subway, Han Han, Wang Luodan, Huang Xiaoming and The Voice of China students turns into inspirational advertisement endorsement cheer, turned into a "VANCL style" is widely spread. However, as if overnight evaporated, now who also pays attention to every guest guest? Where is


customer, has presented itself as the Internet fast fashion brand. UNIQLO, ZARA, H& and M; these foreign fast fashion brand, where the customer’s location was significantly lower. We can see through the VANCL style advertising, where the target customers focus on the big city Fen (Zheng) bucket (Zha) "grass root" of young people who have a dream in mind, not the hands of grain, characteristics of this population without too much description. In fact, we are indeed facing this kind of customers, 29 T-shirts, 59 canvas shoes, 299 yuan down jacket etc.. Should it, where the strategic positioning and target customer is clear, and the age of the Internet "grass root to the world" of the modern fashionable ideas coincide. But why every guest will rapidly decline


online spread to every guest a vintage reflection. The article is very long, the author sums up the following points: the body is bloated, redundant personnel; product complexity, SKU too much; quality is generally, quality is not high. Then, the old strategic transformation initiatives, significantly abolished personnel (abolition of from more than 13 thousand to more than and 300), slashing product category (cut from 190 thousand SKU to more than and 200 SKU), and then spent a great effort to improve the quality of products. It should be said that this is indeed like some problems, but still no real catch problem.

What is the essence of the

problem, the author is more willing to consider the strategic positioning, target customers, market segments and so on. We focus on the "grass root" of young people, is suitable for


may generally be considered appropriate. The age of the Internet, is indeed the "grass root who in the world". For example, the network payment services, is a grass root contribution: the network game, 9158 beauty video on demand, YY voice, QQ show these, is a grass root favorite, even including Taobao, in fact, the vast majority are grass root in contribution. In contrast, the middle class, rich in network consumption is far less than the grass root. That’s why the old customers will fail? This is a deep-seated reason.

what is the reason? That is, even if the grass root grass root and heart, is not willing to show. In other words, grass root and grass root, who is not willing to be posted on grass root label, show to the outside world. Dressing and other grass root needs (Beauty games, video on demand and so on) the most fundamental distinction in? Is actually an outside show, one without. And further, games, video on demand and so on the inner beauty needs from the HIGH type, but just to meet the cock.

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