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said, and Zhang Lu realized from the end of the interview time all add up, there is no two hours. But readily as she finished directly after an interview with the intention of setting time place, no half slow, even more than half an hour earlier I was accustomed to the agreed place, the diffuse coffee. You know, the girls before "gossip ", so this time we picked a deep investment circle of truth and the" norm ", three are entrepreneurs Shen

fishing investment

if it’s an accident, it’s all about the story. At least for Zhang Lu is the case, experienced the first wave of mobile Internet boom, she joined the entrepreneurial tide in early 2013, is the first wave of the first anonymous social. At that time saw the vast majority of investors are not concerned about this direction, the heroic became the wave of education Chinese investors they eventually end.

Zhang Lu is also a summary of the joke: I later learned that, for the new tuyere. The first man rushed in and general education of investors; the second is the third of the fourth money; the fifth is when the denominator, unless it is a BAT VP class a star team."

later removed into the angel investment industry, the main investment areas: consumer goods, agricultural and rural Internet, Internet, to raise the public, independent fund-raising ability has now and then she began to toss the incubator. For only two years and how she can grow so rapidly? How to find items? Zhang Lu told the star reporter sent a very fresh word: "fishing style learning". The so-called "fish" is the industry practitioners, entrepreneurs and investors (institutional investors and individual investors) and want to change careers or people who want to start.

"I usually write to share what I’ve seen, as well as some methodology. Because I will note that I am an investor (naughty laugh), the reader will be more interested to find me chat, we also want to know how to start financing, how to make themselves more competitive." She explained further, as each article before she sent about 2 days, there are almost 500 people to take the initiative to contact and communication, will tell them now or had encountered difficulties, solutions and hardships to make. In this way, through knowledge exchange, 1 information quickly for 500, half a month can enter and understand a not have been involved in the industry.

"when a lot of information so quickly to you, your brain will naturally absorb quickly, then the vision will grow rapidly." Speaking of this, Zhang Lu was a little excited. "When I published about 3 articles in an industry, almost half of the industry’s mainstream venture capitalists would find me. Which not only have a love of learning, high-quality entrepreneurs to discuss, there will be other institutions to discuss the exchange and cooperation of investors. It is more important to integrate these pieces of information to bring the comb, it will be more

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