this entrepreneurial experience is worth sharing to many Internet entrepreneurs, you will feel an unprecedented shock and tingling.

story I started from 15 years, because this year is the start of my business year, but also a year of suffering. Internet Co has been doing sales director for 4 years, served a lot of industries, to help many companies conduct Internet marketing, technology development, integration and promotion services. So have a wealth of experience in the workplace, but also believe that they can sell any products through the network marketing.

a lot of people’s mistakes is the beginning of the choice on the lead, so I choose this path is wrong. Although through their own experience and resources, there are more than 400 customers, but only 2. And in the end these two are also returned a refund, a year of entrepreneurship, I also raised a dozen employees, and finally imagine. This is not a problem, because the product industry is not professional, blind self-confidence led to a loss of about 200000.

there have been setbacks entrepreneurial is precious, and I started to learn the personnel management, financial management, strategy and tactics, marketing planning, integration of promotion, also learned how to do things, as of 2016 from the new venture laid the foundation.

is greater than the thinking way, after the failure to partner broke up, I was alone family left the 4 line of the city to the city of Hangzhou. The place where I used to stay for 5 years, familiar with the business atmosphere from the new ignite my morale, at this time I have only $1380. No way to make money, I can not support next month. Starve timid support dead bold, itself is a marketing and sales background, as long as there is what can I sell, I worried that I could not earn money come from the new


the following is the actual dry cargo 16 years, from March to November are now empty hands, the first angel investment. This road is not easy, every mind was worried about second days and the growth of next month’s play, every step of the planning, how to create innovation, how to dig more value.



The accumulation of

in the first pot of gold, 1 months dry out 30 thousand of the profits:

planning for a while, I now have two products can be sold, one is the site, the two site optimization services. How to develop the customer? I through the following steps to send the message to the customer.

1, the business made resume, mass delivery to the enterprise, I remember the crazy day delivering 2000 letters about every N recruitment telephone call me from the telephone I may determine whether or not to talk about the website construction and website optimization services company possibility. What if you did the sales do not use, do not you also offend many people. I did this without offending people and therefore gained customer resources, but also achieved tangible results.

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