a boast: "Jimei looks to talent and a woman" is a bad music for its tens of millions of fans joked: "a set and poverty in a woman" this funny than women


Spring Festival, the Internet has been a phenomenal topic: Papi sauce by directed and starred in a short video overnight in the United States took root, the number of fans reached 989 thousand, the average daily amount of play after reaching 150 thousand, the opening of the WeChat, micro-blog and other platforms, WeChat reading article 100 thousand +, micro-blog fans have done 5 million 300 thousand – a month ago, this number is 2 million, the fire of remarkable Papi sauce.

In fact,

online has some people wrote Papi sauce case, but most is that some of the surface, the content of the Internet era, belated effort, every day there are new things, we may in Papi sauce last September to now popular admiration, but as a network of entrepreneurs, perhaps you are a electricity providers, micro business, a number of public operators, the promotion of App…… Is hard to force the entrepreneurial struggle grass-roots group, from the actual phenomenon in thinking we should have their own reference value, and there is a clear judgment on the current business direction and actual operation, see Papi sauce success give us a new outlet in new media age can really grasp. We don’t always do a coveted bystander, but should ponder: I will be replaced by


red, the term is long-standing, but last year this year is more popular, a first ordinary, the twenty year old girl, boy, with one show meet, on the Internet platform to show yourself, for most people have been completely unimaginable success, like Papi sauce do now scale visually, the annual income of millions should not be a problem, of course, not in the red net lottery, each red net also has its own bitter history of struggle. And we can find inspiration in order to find new business opportunities and find ways to adapt to the current era of promotion.

PAPI sauce is lit up in the second shot up, followed by the detonation of micro-blog, and later to the layout of the major platform headlines, the public number, Youku equal content. A lot of people think PAPI sauce is out of the fire. Not really, I looked, in fact they were back in July began testing production of various video smoke powder, when the partner has another woman, but early shooting video is not very well, generally below 10 thousand. Early video generally lack a common pain point, and too dull, the video quality is very general, this shows us in fact are ordinary people, but many entrepreneurs fear that this fear, this did not dare to try, that is not willing to innovate, know a lot of methods, but emphasizes the objective reason not to perform as the initial, entrepreneurs should try to overcome the action, introverted, to create their own fish ponds, the courage to express yourself, even if others laugh at your heart is big.

then in August Papi sauce on

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