this title is not sensational, but in reality the truth, NPC and CPPCC have drawn tone, Chinese began the transition from extensive to intensive, open to traffic, new energy, electricity, broadband, Internet plus (Internet banking, networking, intelligent hardware, big data of medical education, etc.). There has never been so open, all countries break the monopoly of state-owned company is not allowed to enter private, immediately pay the registered capital, will also encourage private to create business incubator, which will open a new business people Chinese countless dreams.

single look at the direction of the development of the Internet is the Prime Minister of Finance mentioned several times, the size of the current Internet banking 5 years, forced the traditional financial system reform 10 trillion. From the establishment of the new China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of finance, to the state to notify the 8 agencies to join the credit, the financial development of the Internet provides a full guarantee and small and micro credit loan customers. From the technical point of view more of the occurrence of bad debts, regulators to avoid the emergence of more or no liar platform. Continuous attention to NPC and CPPCC reports from the past few days, feel the China in the NPC and CPPCC after re become young and energetic, from legal system to encourage innovation and development mode of the new changes in the off the record, I rushed to the bus to catch up with the Internet financial very honored, it is not too late, missed before the era of electricity providers, now finally through the Internet banking to achieve our ideals and aspirations, from the financial supermarket, P2P net loan platform, to raise public equity finance, consumer finance emerged to raise the public financial model, we are very interested in, we also hope that through their own efforts to integrate these modes of data resources, in order to stand, professional stations to provide content services, data services, CPS underwriting profit model for financial services consulting. At the same time, let us happy is that we can let more webmaster low cost business, fast access to the Internet financial industry, as long as there are ideas, can be achieved in the US, we provide all the support and services you need.

believe that many entrepreneurs do not care about politics and the webmaster should not pay attention to the two sessions this year, so I’m here to share some of the two sessions to support entrepreneurship information.

just after the 2015 New Year’s day in January 4th, Li Keqiang went to visit Shenzhen firewood record passenger space, you experience the young hit off the creative products, praised their full docking market demand, creating infinite creativity. The prime minister said, your whimsy and rich achievements, fully demonstrated the vitality of entrepreneurship, innovation of the public. This vitality and creativity, will become China’s future economic growth engine.

and in January 14th, second of the State Council executive meeting of the new year, the state decided to set up a new industry venture capital fund to guide the total size of 40 billion yuan, mainly to invest in emerging industries, as early as the mid start-up period of innovative enterprises, to the government and society, private capital co force, promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, industry upgrade.

entrepreneurial innovation will be how to change the economic structure representative voice: now is the best time to start


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