Abstract: the influence of user driven development of the Internet; users and products are each creation value scene; find new ability to become the mobile Internet user groups; vertical value; wool in pigs is the core competitiveness; big data is a double-edged sword and other more.

Today, the topic of

chat from the user, because the user is the most important variables in the development of these years, the rapid development of the Internet and the driving force.

The Internet bubble today

from the end of last century, a step-by-step process, ups and downs, nearly twenty years, the Internet industry changes, even to each person’s life change, everyone has realized. Everyone is not the same as more than and 10 years ago, or twenty years ago. I think one of them is very important, the Internet has brought a variable to the industry, that is, the impact of the user on various industries.

the vast majority of industries in the past, the user in almost every industry chain has no right to speak, I mean almost, there may be some industries or some. But today, because there are a large number of Internet Co began to appear, the vast majority of these Internet Co is starting from the end of the C service.

today we go to see BAT, see more of the big guys, you will find that most of the C end user started. Because the Internet from the technical level so that the user’s voice began to influence. Give an example, such as public comment, comment on the user data began to affect the choice of other users for the restaurant.

all industries gradually have such a trend, the user’s voice began to influence. The technical conditions of the Internet allow the user’s voice to be heard by more users, users in the impact of the user, and ultimately affect the upstream.

this is why we are worth to explore how to tap the value of the user, to explore how to build a user value system, without this premise we do not talk about the user. If we are still a complete monopoly of the industry, then the industry will not have the dynamics to explore what user value.

over the past few years, especially the mobile Internet in recent years, how to get the user, and to complete the financing of user data, is the vast majority of Companies in the thought of a thing. Therefore, the high cost of passengers is particularly concerned about.

but in recent years began to get better, because the capital began to reason, entrepreneurs began to reason, the whole business logic began to become rational thinking. At this time will face a bigger problem, even if we get the user, these users in the future how we serve, how to make these users can really create value for our enterprises.

Internet Co is not only the characteristics of the company in order to create value for users, but also for the user to create value for the company. For example, WeChat, WeChat what you say today is it in service to you or your service in it? It’s hard to say, because every day you are using WeChat, but if it is not because you are using WeChat WeChat every day, today there is no >

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