at the end of the last century, China has become the only form of rock and roll with Europe and the United States in the form of music, this height has not been exceeded. However, the audience is also a small number of rock, that era is only young people can accept rock, such as the current only 90 can accept RAP. So, China all music to pop closer, but what is popular? Has been China mainland pop music to emulate Hong Kong and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Taiwan Japan line, South Korea pop is popular in Europe and the United States localization. Therefore, the domestic epidemic is always go with the tide, from Hong Kong and Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Hari cavity to Europe and the United states. It can be said that China has not created a popular precedent, of course, national music and square dance exception.

domestic music dilemma, partly because the singer did not adhere to the independent music character, such as rock and roll in the later transition to pop rock, adhere to the style of music is ignored because it does not comply with the popular culture; on the other hand is a form of music has been following the market, around the market to create music is pop music, too is the so-called commercial music; at the same time, the domestic music industry has not formed a scale and industrial chain, even more commercial forms, nor can essentially create the upgrading and transformation of the music industry. In order to fundamentally promote, the development of the whole industry, in the current "Internet plus" blessing the people business era, some people stand up and do the necessary should try the music circle, especially professional musicians to stand up.

do music or do business is a question worth considering

in fact, no matter what the singer in the field of entrepreneurship, the music industry itself has a role in promoting. A lot of people who love music have a dream of music, but not at the beginning can do this thing, most of them will choose the curve to save the country’s route. Jay-Z, a famous rapper in the United States, is selling the white powder and making a record company. Viagra has been playing with friends over a period of time after RAP, was familiar with the market situation of domestic rap music, a sense of what a person or a brand’s strength is limited. The domestic HIPHOP industry is not determined by the rap organization, but by the business to promote, that is to say only to promote the development of commercial industry.

, however, people born with a simple repetition of the LOOP do not catch a cold, copying Europe and the United States RAP music development model is naturally no market. So, in order to allow HIPHOP to develop in the country, we must first explore the HIPHOP music for the people, and then is how to promote the problem of its market, which is the need to explore the entire music industry. Such as the Chinese wind and square dance songs, are adapted to the presence of the current public entertainment.

so, then I have abandoned the music business "idea, namely reverse thinking. Step up from the entire music industry chain, not to do music but to promote the development of music platform. This means that a person who likes rock and rap does not necessarily have to be a singer to make music, but also through capital or entrepreneurship

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