micro-blog is very recent fire, in fact, if we can make good use of Web2.0, real-time without relying on SEO operation, small sites can easily get a few thousand traffic. The fire of micro-blog is Sina, today to share, how to use Sina micro-blog wangzhuan. First, on behalf of the brush business, this is a very common operation of the. Brush fans and comments, some small businesses will be on top of the task, such as the eight quit task, then the task is done. I see some people holding tens of thousands of accounts, so the number of doing business on behalf of the brush is not a problem. Of course, how to operate, certainly not handmade, the domestic market has the corresponding software, we can use. Also mention that at present, a large number of businesses have been aware of the benefits of micro-blog marketing, so that the market is still large.

second, in addition to individual micro-blog operating practices, small studio several people can create high number of fans of micro-blog, a certain number of fans of the large, can separate orders, for the enterprise forward publicity. Companies are very clear, in order to get a good micro-blog propaganda, you need to seize the lead, large forwarding is the most direct way to do propaganda. Small studio to build large, is also very easy. As long as the implementation of the force, a month can have 10 or so. While a number of forwarding costs ranging in the hundreds of thousands of.

two methods, today is talking about actual combat, then to talk about specific methods of operation.

1 what is your target population, give yourself a good name, as well as avatar. These details should be well understood and represent your character.

2 to choose the software to focus on, such as your target population is a mobile phone, using the software to identify the phone’s key words can be.

3 to buy a new number or their own registration number. Because now the general to go through the verification code input, even if some people have Dundian software. And there is a new time, should also pay attention to, if not several empty forwarding information, easy to seal.

Wang, 4 brush the number of fans, with their number to your brush, which should pay attention to, not blindly to the main number, also can trumpet brush each others, brush, interactive real. Be the title is not worth, as they do more. Clear division of labor, but also easy to implement.

5 where to find interesting content. It is recommended that you use Google subscription, we can get some over the wall of the content, also easy to find others recommended content. Twitter has a lot of new content. With software updates, very effective.

6 fans to get a certain amount of. Can be used to advertise. Which kind of advertising is better. One is the shop, go to the Taobao forum to declare your micro-blog, will soon be able to receive PS. There are a lot of micro-blog market, such as blog promotion, website promotion, dig more customer market.

7 certification in a timely manner. This is very important, but also a symbol of authority in micro-blog. < >

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